Our Story

The Wobblet, a modular play-couch, was born out of a mother's heart to nurture her children's love for imaginative play. Just after a COVID-19 lockdown was imposed in Singapore, she went into a toy shopping frenzy, panicky at the idea of her little ones going bored (or bonkers?!) at home. Lo and behold, she realised that most toys have very short life spans, and they often do little than serve as mere entertainment for mere minutes. With more research, she realised that the concept of play is oh-so-very misunderstood.

Wobblet was started to advocate unstructured, open-ended play for young ones of all ages. Say goodbye to hoarding endless toys that do little to cultivate your children's sense of wonder and imagination. And if you have children of different ages, be surprised by how the Wobblet will serve all of them purposefully, no matter if they're 1 or 9 years old. We believe in creating multipurpose toys that do double and triple duty in serving our needs. By minimising the need to constantly fill our homes with an excess of toys, we are modelling to our children the importance of living sustainable and practical lives.

Whoever said that endless toys should consume our living spaces?
Say hello to purposeful and minimal living.