About The Wobblet: A Modular Play-Couch

A modular play-couch that is part toy and part sofa (and some say, sofa bed!), our Wobblets will serve your family and grow with your children. For our youngest tots who are learning to walk, the Wobblet is both safe and sturdy. Let them hold on or climb up the pieces; recreate different configurations in different spots of your home if your toddler is free to roam around. We believe that children need to have a daily dose of boisterous play. They need to dive, jump, somersault, slide and yes, just moooove! Daily active play builds their muscle strength, endurance, balance and postural control. Simultaneously, the Wobblet does double duty in encouraging imaginative, fun play.

Designed to be modern and timeless, our play-couch instantly ups the game of your living area or bedroom with its buttery-soft microsuede. Watch how it inspires imaginative and independent play in children of all ages. Children from the age of 2 are able to carry and pull or drag different components of our Wobblet, and that was why we intentionally created handles for nearly every piece. Watch the excitement in their eyes as they suddenly have their very own play gym at home! 

And if you're looking to try a floor bed for naps or bedtime, the
Full Wobblet works doubly hard at ensuring that it's used day and night. There is no better investment than a Wobblet!

Designed to blend in the modern, contemporary home, our Wobblet comes in a few classic hues. All microsuede covers are easily removable and machine-washable in cold water. Spot cleaning with a wet wipe takes away dark stains easily, and for those who would like extra protection, waterproof liners would be on sale soon! For those who would like a change of colours to have a brand new Wobblet look, our microsuede covers are also available for purchase. 

Given our commitment to ensure safety and durablility, our foam is CertiPUR-US certified to exceed safety standards, and is free of mercury, lead, formaldehyde and heavy metals.
All covers are OEKO-TEX Certified Polyester. 
Only the best for your little ones!