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Floor Beds for Toddlers

Pre-parenting, I never really understood what building your home environment around a Montessori philosophy was all about. I heard about Montessori preschools, but what really is a Montessori children's bedroom? Maria Montessori believed (and she was amazed by the positive results herself!) in nurturing a child's independence, not just in a school, but also at home. This may be contrary to what Singaporean families often practise. But if we think about the natural progression of a child's development... hands up if your toddlers want to do everything themselves! Should we fight their natural assertion of independence, or should we nurture it?Nobody prepared me for the craziness that comes with having a baby, and then a toddler. I was one of those parents who bawled when...

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Styling Chic Children Rooms with Mini Wobblets

Why should it be surprising that kids' rooms can be equal parts chic and whimsical? Featuring our Borneo & Uluwatu Mini Wobblets, these #playroomgoals' inspiration boards prove that you don't have to sacrifice sophistication when styling children rooms. Accompanying our Wobblets are these amazing shops from Singapore: Urban Li'l, 3LittlePicks, Little Mushroom Prints, Noah's Toys & Games, Toydler and Momiji Kids.

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Open-ended vs Close-ended Toys

The next time you find yourself shopping for toys or searching for activities to occupy your toddler or preschooler, try to ask yourself this question: Is it open-ended or close-ended? There is no definite rule that your children should only use open-ended toys in their early years, but it is definitely a cause of concern if your home is filled with an excess of close-ended toys. More importantly, when we understand and seek purposeful play, our children are more regularly engaged, and our homes are far less cluttered. That is, after all, Wobblet's mission!  Here goes a quick and easy comparison guide on these 2 toy categories:  

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