Our Kids With The Wobblets

Our family of 4 is always full of action from very early mornings, and our Wobblets are truly so well used! Kids can be such energetic bunnies, if they're not playing on them, we'll be stealing a rest on them!

Our 10 month old never stops moving. He climbs everything and it scares us sometimes! But we don't want to stop him because we know he's learning as he explores, even if we are so worried he'll fall! Our typical 645am build in the living room (when the sun is still rising!) is with pieces from the Mini Wobblet and the Wedges. The thick base is perfect for climbing up the adult sofa, or we'll open it up standing to block off the TV electronics and its tonne of wires.

Our lil one crawls up the Wedges really quickly, and we usually set 2 Wedges up snugly at the heart of our L-shaped adult sofa. If he's not crawling up, he's intrigued by the lego toy cars that we roll up and down the Wedges!

At 8am, our 3 year old is all sunshine and rainbows (why are kids so energetic?!) and her fave way to play with our Wedges is by setting 2 up vertically as her mountain climb over. If she's setting her mountain up in our living room, she'll add a jump to our sofa!

Pretend play is something she delves into every day without prompting. We live setting up a cafe for her with 2 half-moons + a full Wobblet (or 2 Mini Wobblets!), and all her plush rabbits are always invited for her tea party.

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