5 Ideas For Mini Wobblets!

Our Mini Wobblets are huge favourites with anyone who lives with limited space. If you only have 1 young child, the Mini Wobblet is a great starter! Here are some ideas on how you may use our Mini Wobblets in your home... 

Kids loooove jumping (and climbing!) all over our beds. They seem to almost need an outlet to exert all the pent-up energy within them. Redirect their energy and set up a Wobblet slide on their (or your) bed instead. For extra stability, place the trapezoid piece under it. 

Set up a hiding place or a fort (this never grows old!) by propping the Mini Wobblet base up. Throw on a muslin cloth or a blankie for extra coziness, and the littlest ones would love an easy game of hide and seek! For extra stability, prop Wobblet up over your little rug or carpet. This will be helpful, especially if you have very slippery floors!

Crawling through a tunnel makes a great exercise for babies who are learning to crawl, stand, sit up or walk. If you have 2 Minis, you could even set up a looong tunnel for them! 

Low slides make great exercises for pre-walkers to build their sense of balance. Set up your base on top of the tip of the trapezoid and have them crawl up and down, or set them up on the peak to guide them on their movement down a slide. If their movements are not as steady yet, that's great too! Our littlest ones need to learn to understand their body movements, and playing with a slide helps them develop coordination and reflexes. 

If reading is a huge part of your routine, you'd appreciate this comfy deck chair setup. Prop this up anywhere in your room, lean back and cuddle as you repeat their favourite stories for the umpteenth time in the day. Remember to adjust your trapezoid to ensure that you're able to lean back without falling back!

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