Floor Beds for Toddlers

Pre-parenting, I never really understood what building your home environment around a Montessori philosophy was all about. I heard about Montessori preschools, but what really is a Montessori children's bedroom? 

Maria Montessori believed (and she was amazed by the positive results herself!) in nurturing a child's independence, not just in a school, but also at home. This may be contrary to what Singaporean families often practise. But if we think about the natural progression of a child's development... hands up if your toddlers want to do everything themselves! Should we fight their natural assertion of independence, or should we nurture it?

Nobody prepared me for the craziness that comes with having a baby, and then a toddler. I was one of those parents who bawled when their 9-month old baby lunged out of our high bed. I'm not sure who felt worse -- my child or I? It was the most horrid feeling to rush my little one for an X-ray in the A&E department. Never again, I told myself. I began to understand why Maria Montessori believed in creating a child's living space to be 100% child-centred. With a floor bed, a low chair and even clothing easily within reach, our children build a healthy sense of independence -- with boundaries of course!

I know so many families who benefitted from floor beds for their babies or toddlers. Here are 3 reasons why a Wobblet would be perfect for a toddler bed:

1.  Measuring 140cm by 70cm when laid flat, our Mini Wobblets are perfect little beds for our littles. (p/s - they even fit some cots!) Placed side by side like our pic below (140cm by 140cm), our full Wobblet makes a comfy mega bed -- especially useful for toddlers who love to roll all around in the middle of the night. No more worries about rushing them to the A&E after they fall off their high bed or cot. Zip our Wobblets up in our waterproof liners to protect the foam from leaking diapers, and you could even cover them with Bamboo Bedsheets from Baa Baa Sheepz (140cm by 70cm too!). 

Our full-sized Wobblet (140cm by 140cm). Shop here.

If you're looking to decorate your kid's room with a gorgeous bed frame, this beautiful floor bed frame on Etsy fits a 70cm by 140cm Wobblet. A cute bed frame makes going to bed so much fun -- trust me on this! 

Image of bed frame from Etsy store here

2. With limited space in Singapore homes, you need to make every buy count and serve you double duty. Children tents can be incredibly cute, but they also take up permanent space in a space-starved home. Instead of buying those, create a Wobblet fort in the day, and in 5 secs (or 2!), convert your Wobblet to a floor bed at night. The next morning, set it up as a slide over your sofa, and enjoy your cup of hot coffee! 

Peekaboo! Our full Uluwatu (Sand Beige) Wobblet set up as a fort in the day.

3. Toddlers who jump out of their high cots aren't a myth; we've all battled this. If your feisty 2 or 3 year old never gives up escaping bedtime, you can definitely choose (as a last resort!) to place a playpen as a fence around your toddler's floor bed. We love Wander Mats' Playpen! Made of solid pine wood, it blends well with our Uluwatu or El Chorro Wobblets, and looks oh-so-chic! Measuring 200cm by 140cm, our full Wobblet would fit right in at 140cm by 140cm. Just pop in 2 soft pillows at the excess space, and your floor bed is complete! 

Image from Wander Mats - Check it out here.

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