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5 Ideas For Mini Wobblets!

Our Mini Wobblets are huge favourites with anyone who lives with limited space. If you only have 1 young child, the Mini Wobblet is a great starter! Here are some ideas on how you may use our Mini Wobblets in your home... Kids loooove jumping (and climbing!) all over our beds. They seem to almost need an outlet to exert all the pent-up energy within them. Redirect their energy and set up a Wobblet slide on their (or your) bed instead. For extra stability, place the trapezoid piece under it. Set up a hiding place or a fort (this never grows old!) by propping the Mini Wobblet base up. Throw on a muslin cloth or a blankie for extra coziness, and the littlest...

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Our Kids With The Wobblets

Our family of 4 is always full of action from very early mornings, and our Wobblets are truly so well used! Kids can be such energetic bunnies, if they're not playing on them, we'll be stealing a rest on them!Our 10 month old never stops moving. He climbs everything and it scares us sometimes! But we don't want to stop him because we know he's learning as he explores, even if we are so worried he'll fall! Our typical 645am build in the living room (when the sun is still rising!) is with pieces from the Mini Wobblet and the Wedges. The thick base is perfect for climbing up the adult sofa, or we'll open it up standing to block...

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Don't Miss Us at The Bub Fair!

FAQs about our booth at The Bub Fair: 1. Will the Wobblets be on sale? Yes! You can enjoy S$20 off any Full or Mini Wobblet. This is the most affordable play couch in Singapore!  2. Which colours can I view at the fair? Come and sit or bounce on our Wobblets of different colours. While we don't have space to display all our full sets, different pieces will be avail so that you can view all our colours.  3. Will there be new colours launched then? A secret newcomer (can you guess?) is launching then, and our new range of Wedges in Uluwatu, Okinawa, El Chorro and Kyushu!  4. Can I take home my purchase from the fair? All...

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Fun & Easy Full Wobblet Build Ideas!

When your Full Wobblet first lands in your home, your kids may bug you (you've been warned!) to build them something to play with. Here are some easy and fun builds for children of various ages! Note: The pink wobblet in our last (5th) picture has since been retired. 

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